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For Teachers

Using the Teacher Manual

The Andiamo in Italia Teacher Manuals are a comprehensive but flexible guide, designed to provide an indication of how the various units can be presented, developed and implemented in order to achieve basic language continuity, essential to the second language learning process. The manuals are of course, linked to the Andiamo in Italia Activity Books and therefore is developed around the “unit” of work which has been further divided into lessons. Individual teachers are encouraged to use the manuals as a guide in developing their own plan and strategies for the year. Of course, it is advisable to include the “class teachers” in the planning process and to make them aware of your intentions and goals for the year.

In the manual, each unit of work is divided into 4 sections :

  • Suggested Strategies / Lesson Plans.
  • Target Language.
  • Language expressions.
  • Alternative Lessons.

The “Suggested Strategies/Lesson Plans” are formulated to facilitate planning. The teachers are encouraged to use the information provided as a constructive guide to the development of an effective teaching exercise. From time to time this section includes cultural tips and valuable language elements that may prove helpful in achieving good results.

The “Target Language” section is a vocabulary list intended mainly to provide the teacher with a clear word content that he or she might expect the children to learn in that particular unit. It would be wise to consider this list as flexible, allowing the individual teacher to expand or restrict the suggested knowledge input according to particular class needs.

The “Language Expressions” section is intended as a guide for the teachers in selecting phrases, brief sentences, questions and answers related to the presentation of each unit.

The “Alternative Lessons” section provides, as the name suggests, alternative lessons that individual teachers may find useful in planning. None of the lessons or alternative lessons described in the manual should be considered prescriptive, but are recommended as a guide only.

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Teacher’s Notes

Teachers are encouraged to :

  • Be enthusiastic, and make Italian lessons fun.
  • Create a supportive atmosphere by encouraging and praising effort ( avoid criticism of attempts. ).
  • Provide a stimulating environment, using interesting teaching materials, games and activities.
  • Learn children’s names as soon as possible and use them to facilitate rapport.
  • Gradually introduce Italian expressions and requests in classroom situations.
  • Liaise with the classroom teacher and encourage him / her to participate in the lesson.
  • Develop an “Italian” corner / notice board where work examples, books etc. can be displayed.
  • Make ongoing revision and evaluation an integral part of each lesson, to build usable language.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of his / her lesson and the progress of each child.
  • Provide opportunities for children to listen, both for understanding and for appreciation through the enjoyment of songs, poems stories and games.
  • Use a variety of methods and teaching materials to encourage speaking, e.g. puppets, songs, role plays games, stimulus pictures, tapes and slides.
  • Stimulate reading and writing in Italian through the sharing of class and individual books made by the children.
  • Utilize the great variety of exciting children books already available in Italian.

Abbreviations :

A.B.  Activity book.

T.M. Teachers manual.